30 Tile Designs For Every Corner Of Your Home!

Therefore, it is the perfect place to make a lasting impression with tiled floors. Many use porcelain stoneware with a design pattern in the center of the floor to attract the attention of their guests. If you prefer your entrance to be cozy and warm, choose wooden tiles to add a touch of nature to the interior. The bedrooms are our sanctuaries, a place to relax and unwind, and where we sleep most of our time.

Needless to say, at this level of design, the art of coordination becomes complicated. You need to know how to integrate bold tile patterns and colors into the interior. Exterior and Moderna interior floor and wall coverings are excellent for functional, comfortable and beautiful homes. Different materials, design styles, colors, textures and shapes, make wood tiles a versatile material for any exterior design of the Moderna, exterior or interior decoration. Tiles can dramatically transform any room, having a huge impact on the mood and result.

Fortunately, our products come in a variety of colors, allowing you to create a classic blue tile with mosaics, glass, granite and more. As one of the most intimate spaces in the house, we want our bathrooms to be a sanctuary of happiness and also fully functional, and tiles can allow us to achieve this look. Whether you are looking for an elegant wet room or a spa-like Oasis, this is the only room where you can be really tough with your choice and the design you choose. Patterns work brilliantly in bathrooms-think of the intricate design and bold colors used in Victorian interiors.

Mosaics and hand-painted tiles are wonderful ideas for unique kitchen backsplash designs. Staircase designs decorated with mosaics or handmade tile designs look glamorous and unique. The entrance door, decorated with wall tiles, invites inside, creating a wonderful atmosphere to see and enjoy the interior premium peel and stick tile at Commomy.com of the House. From encaustic and cement to ceramic and porcelain, patterned tiles of all types are enjoying a surge of popularity. And this classic design element is applied to all kinds of new applications, from wall treatments to fireplace borders; tiled bathrooms and backsplashes also get a new look.

Tiles can add texture, brighten a room and create an additional three-dimensional effect. You can add a little inspiration here and there with a variety of tile options, so how can you not get creative with your interior? Each of these ideas can provide additional inspiration when thinking about small renovations. The introduction of tiles into your space can highlight the area or just create a focus where you want. Different tile designs imitate precious stones, crystals and minerals, bringing natural beauty to the interior and adding an organic feel to the exclusive home decor.

Be sure to match the rest of the decor to the accent wall so the room isn’t overwhelming. As with hallways, homeowners often overlook the aesthetic appeal of entrances in favor of making these spaces functional. Make a great first impression on visitors and welcome friends and family by installing tile flooring instead of wood or laminate flooring.

A sleek and neat space is key, as is giving your bedroom the luxury element it deserves. A natural stone finish such as Slimstone slate Multicolour from Topps Tiles, is durable, ultra-thin and can be bent to cut any shape. They are actually perfect for your bedroom walls and will not only complement a rich, contemporary and stylish room arrangement, but will create a wonderful focal point. Larger tiles have fewer grout lines, which helps create a sense of space, but you can maximize it with a neutral color palette. Complement with the essential soft furniture of this season, such as metallic, thick fabrics and synthetic leather.

Is country house style decor the right choice for your next home design project? If so, you will need to select a variety of tiles to help you achieve the look. From white walls to patterned accents, there are countless uses for tiles in the decoration of your country house. Our tiles come in a variety of colors and polishes that can easily reflect any theme or look you want. With the right choice, there is no doubt that everything will come together perfectly. Mosaics come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures, and can be used in many areas of your home.

Although dressing rooms are usually small, their visual impact does not have to be. When applied to backsplashes, floors or entire walls, the decorative tile achieves maximum style in a limited space. “We also see people coming back to the idea that the boudoir is a jewelry box,” says Egede-Nissen. One performance he loves is a stone tile called Ephesus that dates back to Roman baths with intricate woven designs and touches of gold.

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