Shipping Restrictions

Most items can be shipped without any problem, but each carrier has a range of things that completely restrict or prohibit them. It is important to be familiar with your carrier’s policy gửi hàng đi anh to ensure that you ship items approved by that particular carrier. Sending restricted or prohibited items can lead to substantial sanctions and, in some cases, to confiscation.

Some plants, cuttings, seeds that can be propagated, raw plant products and certain endangered species are allowed in the United States, but require import permits and other documents; some are completely prohibited. Endangered or endangered species that are authorized must have export licenses from the country of origin. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regulates and limits firearms and ammunition and approves all permanent import transactions involving weapons and ammunition. To import weapons or ammunition, you must do so through an authorized importer, distributor or manufacturer. In addition, if the National Firearms Act prohibits certain weapons, ammunition or similar devices from entering the country, you cannot import them unless the ATF grants you written permission to do so. If the firearm is checked as an article in the US ammunition list.

Some items are limited or prohibited for shipping based on the delivery company, airline, custom / export regulations or USA2Me policy. The following list included some of them, but please note that USA2Me may refuse to submit an item or impose restrictions for any reason. We also remind you that it is your responsibility that your items are allowed at your destination and comply with all destination authorization regulations, laws and procedures. USA2Me is never responsible for customs clearance and the customer is responsible for all duties, taxes, fees, fines and return costs .

While you can drop these animals at any Post Office ™ location, they will only be shipped if good transportation is available. The sending of pornographic material is limited in most countries. Consult your country’s import policy to see if these items can be shipped to your country. Shipping of any type of animal skin or fur is prohibited in most countries. Below is a list of prohibited and limited items that Parcelbound may NOT ship or export to other countries. Under no circumstances may items that are prohibited by transportation by state or federal law or that require a transportation license be shipped.

Carefully check the laws of your destination country, as well as the International Mail Manual; In most cases, the IMM does not list all illegal things within the destination country. For worldwide shipping, the list of prohibited items varies from country to country. When USPS is sent to APO / FPO / DPO locations abroad, it treats mail as a national post, but shipping is still subject to prohibitions and restrictions in those foreign countries. Customers should be aware that size and weight standards may differ from USPS standards. See International Land Listings to find country-specific prohibitions and restrictions. We supply some products that are subject to specific requirements to be shipped.

The sending of firearms, ammunition or any other weapons or weapon accessory is strictly prohibited. Sending these types of items is not allowed through our shipping companies and Parcelbound will decline any request for such shipments. The following items are limited for shipping, storage or handling via USA2me. As such, USA2Me reserves the right to refuse treatment or shipping or to impose additional restrictions. In addition, legal restrictions may require additional rights, information or documentation before shipping can be determined.

When using a post office to send a package, postal workers will ask if the package contains perfume, sprays, lithium batteries and other hazardous materials. Sometimes people mistakenly assume that the included items are not dangerous if they are. Others intentionally say that the item is not present even though they know it, only so they can send the package. Either way, the result of sending these dangerous items can have very dangerous or deadly consequences. No postal package containing any of the elements listed in the second program or outside the maximum dimensions or weight specified in condition 14 is published, shipped or delivered by post.

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