The storyline of New World gold will be concluded in the game’s upcoming update

New World, a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, is getting an update, according to Amazon. The Heart Of Madness will bring Isabella’s story to a close, as well as introducing the Blunderbuss and fixing a variety of bugs and changing the game’s overall balance.

The current main story questline will be continued in the expansion, and the expansion will pick up where it leaves off. Players will travel with Isabella to an alternate version of the city of Myrkgard, where they will meet other characters. Discover the secrets of her past as you delve deeper into her corrupted mind, according to the post announcing the game’s release.

The Tempest’s Heart will be the name of the expedition, and it will be designed for five endgame players (level 60 or higher and Gearscore 550) to take on together.

In addition, a new weapon, the Blunderbuss, will be introduced in the update, which is said to be best suited for close-to-midrange combat. In this manner.

With two mastery trees available, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to close the gap or keep your distance for greater AoE damage infliction. Additionally, it has its own Legendary Weapon Quest that is associated with New World EU Central Harmonia Coins.

Finally, the update will bring with it some unspecified balance adjustments and bug fixes, as well as new encounters in the world to contend with, as previously stated.

MM0 was described as New World though “a little grindy,” by Alice Bee, who is currently writing a New World review. Perhaps a new late-game quest will be able to assist with this? Previously released patches addressed exploits such as gold duping.

Initially, the Heart Of Madness update will be released to the public test realm, followed by a release to the main game later on. Amazon has not yet provided any specific dates for when either of these updates will be released.

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