31 Fun Facts About Oktoberfest You Didn’t Know

Früh is based in Cologne, where he makes a beautiful Kolsch beer, which lacks the effervescentness of southern German lagers and adds a touch of fruity sweetness to the mix. Hacker-Schorr is another Bavarian brewery with a large presence at Oktoberfest. Keep an eye out for their Märzen beer, which appears in autumn and has a big impact.

Hot chestnuts and tasty pastries made by local vendors make the adventure unforgettable and delicious. These Christmas markets have become so popular that other countries have started to hold their own Christmas markets every year. Some of the largest markets are in Munich, Berlin, Nuremberg, Munster, Lübeck, Heidelberg and Stuttgart. This festival offers concert versions of songs performed by solo musicians, performances for children, and events specially designed with families in mind. The musicians offer live entertainment in a fun, festive and relaxed atmosphere.

Only 15% of the attendees come from abroad and 14% of those visitors come from the United States. More than 101,000 mugs of beer were seized from customers who tried to sneak them in 2018. In addition, from 1939 to 1945, Oktoberfest was suspended during World War II, and like the previous war, the fall festival was named in ’46, ’47 and ’48.

As a predominantly Christian country, most German national celebrations and holidays are religious holidays. However, Germany also celebrates a number of non-religious events. Europe’s largest club festival and the German equivalent of SXSW, Reeperbahn is a music festival that spans the beautiful northern port city of Hamburg. Instead of being held in a special venue, most bars, clubs and music venues in the city host more than 800 concerts over the course of four days in September.

In 2017, more than 7,300 exhibitors from more than 100 countries participated, attracting more than 286,000 visitors to the fair. Get ready to wear your glasses and dance day and night, as Germany oktoberfest is known for its epic beer festivals and street parties. Attending midnight mass on Christmas Eve to mark the end of Advent (which begins on December 6, St. Nicholas Day) is also popular.

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