7 Important Tips For Improving Your Drone Photography

To achieve the persistent exposure effect, you should wait shortly before sunset and before taking off with the filter installed on your drone. Within the DJI Go application, you need to adjust your camera settings to ensure that you are recording in manual mode to manually set the ISO and shutter speed. Keep the ISO set to 100 and set the shutter speed so that you can see an image on your screen. As with all drone photos, we recommend filming in JPG + RAW mode. We also recommend experimenting with shutter speed to determine which time is best for you. With these cascading shots, I found that I used between 1 and 4 seconds to get these results.

For landscape and exterior photography, sunrise and sunset are the best time to fly and take great aerial photos. In the morning and afternoon there is generally a large sky with the most suitable light both in the foreground and in the background. Last but not least, my last advice to improve your drone photography is to have confidence. When you start flying for the first time, you can broadcast this expensive equipment.

Shooting in ISO 100 is a good place to start to improve overall quality. However, if you take several pictures from a scene and stack them in editing software such as Photoshop, the quality of your picture is moved to the next level. It determines the arrangement of all visual elements within the frame, the balance between the negative and the positive space and even the balance of the colors within the image. Usually a little trial and error is required to achieve the desired composition. However, if you are using a camera that keeps you away from the battery for a few hours, this is not a problem.

If you take your pictures in raw format, you can also use some of our other drone photography tips below. It is definitely not an ideal team for portraits, but that does not mean real estate drone photography georgia that you should avoid adding people to your photos. There were many professional photographers who take group photos with surprising results at weddings with their drone.

All light sources have different temperatures and no two lighting scenarios are exactly the same. Automatic white balance can get you pretty close, but we can do better. Especially when recording videos, the lighting conditions can change and the automatic white balance can be corrected. By manually comparing white, we can really customize the colors and sound of our drone photos and videos and keep them consistent throughout a session. If you want to go a little further with your shooting and try to get a little better results, we recommend that you set a manual white balance and block your exposure. By creating a manual white balance based on flight conditions, more precise and consistent video images can be created.

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